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Rauscher Farm

Click here for printable Rauscher Farm Brochure and Map

Volunteer Opportunities on Rauscher Farm

Rauscher Farm Survey: Please Help

The Town of Clinton’s Rauscher Farm has partnered with a student team from Worcester Polytechnic Institute on a project to explore methods to improve future visits to Rauscher Farm. This project will result in a plan to attract new people to the open space land in Clinton, as well as captivate existing guests for life-long visits. We are reaching out to the community to hear what people have to say about their experiences at Rauscher Farm through this online survey. Please consider participating to bring out the best of this wonderfully varied conservation area. Thank you!

Link to online survey: bit.ly/RauscherFarmSurvey

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Welcome to Rauscher Farm
29 Clamshell Road, Clinton, MA

Enjoy the beauty and serenity of 60 acres of open space purchased by the Town of Clinton in June 2008.

Rauscher Farm comprises wonderfully diverse environments - grasslands, wetlands, woodlands, and access to Clamshell Pond - each with its store of rich ecological treasures.

Before the town purchase, Rauscher Farm was a working, commercial farm. Historical records show that as early as 1716 colonial settlers were on the farm. In 1653, a purchase of land from the Nashaway Nipmuc Indians included the Rauscher Farm area. And dating back further, prehistoric sites abound throughout the Clamshell Pond area.